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If you have been injured in a car accident, get an attorney! I personally recommend Andrew Traub of the Traub Law Office. Here's why; Andrew ended up getting me 7x times the policy payout! A few years ago, I was injured in a car accident, but was unaware just how bad I was injured until about 7 days later. The other drivers insurance gave me an estimate $3,000 lower than my cars worth for starters (I know this because I ended up filing through my personal insurance company). Second, the other drivers insurance canceled my rental insurance the DAY my car was officially totaled. I was not happy about my dealings with this insurance company and it was apparent these people did not give two you know whats about me, and were trying to save a buck. Fast forward about a month later, I was still injured and not getting better, meanwhile not able to participate in my regular activities like I once did. After speaking with a chiropractor friend, he recommend I hire Andrew Traub for representation, as it appeared a long recovery was ahead. Long story short, I had some sort of spinal hyperextension and hyperflexion "whiplash". This injury is way more than a pain in the neck! I had no idea just how much getting rear ended could affect so many things on my body for so long. Andrew was great, guiding me through the process and handling the details, so that I could recover. After about 2 years of physical therapy and lots of CBD oil (this supplement is great for this injury) Andrew started the process of getting me a settlement. Again, I can not stress enough, don't try and deal with these insurance companies on your own, hire Andrew Traub.

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Hire an experienced paraplegia injury attorney if you or a loved one has been the victim of this devastating, permanent, life altering serious injury.

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Paralysis damages lives in many ways

If an injury resulting in paralysis for you or someone you care about was the result of another person’s carelessness, the paralyzed person may be entitled to seek compensation in the forms of past and future medical care (including assistance with daily living and chores), lost wages in the past and lost earning capacity in the future, and the inability to enjoy life as the person had before.  This type of injury is not only life-changing for the victim, but also for his or her loved ones as well.  A full estimate of care needs requires the hiring of expensive experts so that full and adequate compensation can be recovered.

What is paraplegia?

Paraplegia is a form of paralysis that impairs a person’s ability to move from the waist down. A person suffering from quadriplegia is paralyzed from the neck down. For a previously able-bodied person, becoming paralyzed can be one of the most devastating types of injuries.  Not only are there the obvious physical limitations imposed on the victim, but he or she will often suffer from severe depression, withdrawal.  All of these changes affect everyone around the victim who are suddenly thrust into the role of caregivers.

Paralysis usually results from the severing of the spinal cord.

Hire an experienced paraplegia injury attorney

Seek the advice of a reliable Austin paralysis injury lawyer to learn more about your rights and legal options. When you hire the Traub Law Office, we work to determine the full extent of losses you have suffered as a result of your injury. Be sure to hire an attorney that has experience litigating injury cases.  Call us today at (512) 246-9191 or fill in the form below.