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Amy DeAnda Avatar
Amy DeAnda

I was referred to Andrew by another satisfied client. I had been involved in a serious car accident that left me with a number of unpaid bills and on-going medical issues. I was reluctant to contact an attorney because it seemed like it was going to be a lot of trouble and stress added to the injuries I already had. I was glad I called Andrew! He was thorough and very knowledgeable. He cares about his clients and was very easy to work with. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the case. - 8/31/2018

Michael Cohen Avatar
Michael Cohen

I would highly recommend Andrew and his office to anyone needing help or advice on any legal aspects of an accident. Andrew provided incredible service and helped me a lot. It is evident that he is very knowledgeable, professional and patient. I am extremely thankful and wouldn't go anywhere else! - 10/03/2018

Vanessa B Avatar
Vanessa B

I would recommend The Traub Law Office first and foremost to any person with a Personal Injury case. I was told by two Personal Injury lawyers prior to Andrew that I should just drop my case because I would never win against American Access Causality because my case wasn't cut and dry. We've all heard of the ability to turn "water into wine" associated with Jesus and I'm not equating Andrew Traub to Jesus but my case against American Access Causality was a hard lead to nowhere because of outdated Texas Law and Andrew made a way for my dead-end case, turning nothing into something or a settlement. Andrew was professional, patient, and worked tirelessly to help me. Both he and his staff are dedicated to being the people in your corner when its you versus the law. - 8/31/2018

Tina Mayer Avatar
Tina Mayer

Andrew is absolutely Stellar to work with always an awesome personality and get stuff done swiftly if you're looking for a great lawyer this is the guy - 5/15/2018

Su Bierhalter Avatar
Su Bierhalter

I was referred to Andrew Traub by a friend and am so glad! I could not have been more "taken care of" than what he did! He is knowledgeable and able to explain the legal-ese of my case to me in layman's terms and worked with me while I was out of town at a relative's home recovering from an accident. And he has loads of patience -- I had LOTS of questions, and sometimes repeated the same question -- and he answered all of them professionally and politely! We did most communications via email with a phone call here and there. He resolved my case VERY satisfactorily. I HIGHLY! recommend The Traub Law Office / Austin Accident Lawyer! If there was a way to give *10* stars out of 5, I would. Thank you Andrew Traub! - 10/13/2018

Jim Comer Avatar
Jim Comer

Andrew Traub recently represented me in a civil case and did an excellent job. He was thorough, patient, a good listener and has great integrity. He went above and beyond what I expected and always returned phone calls and emails promptly - a trait not all lawyers share! I highly recommend Andrew Traub as an outstanding, caring attorney - 5/01/2018

Kendra Snead Avatar
Kendra Snead

I will be the first to admit that I have not had good relations with lawyers. Very hesitant to hire anyone. Andrew sat and answered ALL my questions and when I c/b he patiently answered them also. He treated me with respect and honesty. Very good man. I still not crazy about lawyers but he will be the one to change my mind. Contact him for legal advise. Best one out there. - 9/25/2016

A. Tanaka Avatar
A. Tanaka

Mr. Traub did an excellent job in my case. He is very kind and thoughtful. His responses were always prompt either via phone or email. It took a little longer than I thought but I'm happy with the result. Thanks for everything! - 8/31/2018

Lou Mendoza Avatar
Lou Mendoza

Good hours and very professional and courteous and helpful in explaining my very many Questions. - 12/11/2018

Linds L. Avatar
Linds L.

5 star rating I recommend andrew to anyone who needs an attorney who can help with an auto accident. He is the best personal injury attorney in Austin and such a trustworthy man. He is truly a man of character and integrity. Someone who will fight for you and do what is in your best interest. - 4/11/2014

Kevin Leahy Avatar
Kevin Leahy

The Traub Law Office tenaciously represents their clients and from inception of a case, starting with investigating claims, through resolution of those claims, they maintain the highest levels of professionalism. Excellent law firm, excellent reputation, excellent results. - 12/16/2018

Anna Bustamante Avatar
Anna Bustamante

I highly recommend Andrew Traub as the best accident injury lawyer. He is trustworthy, honest. He worked very hard on my case. He made sure a fair distribution was made in the insurance settlement. He kept a professional demeanor, especially since the other party was very difficult to negotiate. Highly recommend Andrew Traub. - 8/31/2018

Joel Cohen Avatar
Joel Cohen

Andrew is a hard-working, ethical, extremely intelligent lawyer. I've known him since he was about 14 years old, and he's always been bright, creative, and successful in all his endeavors. He is also a computer genius. He has also worked with my father to set up a business entity. I endorse this lawyer. - 6/03/2013

ERA Product Avatar
ERA Product

More than just a personal injury lawyer, genuinely cares for his clients! - 6/27/2018

Carrie S. Avatar
Carrie S.

5 star rating I have dealt with some shady personal injury attorneys in years past.  Andrew came referred to me by a mutual friend.  A native Spanish-speaking friend of mine was in an accident and couldn't advocate for herself because of the language barrier. She cannot thank me enough for introducing her to Andrew and his team every time I see her.  He has been there to help her through issues with her injuries, doctors and clinics.  He is an honest man that isn't just interested in settling a case, he wants to make sure that his clients are able to get their lives back in order after an accident.  I would definitely recommend Andrew and the Traub Law office to anyone that needs help navigating the world after an accident. - 12/19/2017

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