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Toby Grace Avatar
Toby Grace

Awesome attorney!!! Andrew has been my attorney since he shortly after he graduated from law school over 20 years ago. I wouldn't use anyone else! - 4/22/2015

Tom J. Avatar
Tom J.

5 star ratingAndrew is the best attorney in my opinion. I have been working with him now for over two decades. He has helped me out numerous times and I can't thank him enough. If you ever need a personal injury attorney to help you out look no further than Mr. Traub. - 9/27/2019

T K. Avatar
T K.

5 star ratingAndrew is very professional and succeeding in getting a very satisfactory settlement in my very difficult case. Â He was diligent and maintained a high level of communication throughout the process. Â I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking assistance with a claim that is being denied by the insurance company. - 1/02/2015

Anna Bustamante Avatar
Anna Bustamante

I highly recommend Andrew Traub as the best accident injury lawyer. He is trustworthy, honest. He worked very hard on my case. He made sure a fair distribution was made in the insurance settlement. He kept a professional demeanor, especially since the other party was very difficult to negotiate. Highly recommend Andrew Traub. - 8/31/2018

Julia-Isabel Wright Avatar
Julia-Isabel Wright

It was a pleasure to have Andrew Traub as our lawyer. He truly puts his clients first. I felt like I didn't have to lift a finger! He is patient, determined, knowledgable and kind. - 4/19/2019

Carole Callaghan Avatar
Carole Callaghan

Andrew is an exceptional individual. He is smart, honest, compassionate, and very hard working. He is my go-to attorney for personal injury because he gives his clients an honest assessment of their potential claims, and will work hard to make sure they get the best settlement or judgment possible. I highly recommend Andrew! - 3/27/2014

Jim Comer Avatar
Jim Comer

Andrew Traub recently represented me in a civil case and did an excellent job. He was thorough, patient, a good listener and has great integrity. He went above and beyond what I expected and always returned phone calls and emails promptly - a trait not all lawyers share! I highly recommend Andrew Traub as an outstanding, caring attorney - 5/01/2018

Tina Mayer Avatar
Tina Mayer

Andrew is absolutely Stellar to work with always an awesome personality and get stuff done swiftly if you're looking for a great lawyer this is the guy - 5/15/2018

Matthew Avatar

I want to highly recommend Andrew Traub for doing such a great job on my case. I was always informed of the status of my case. He helped me get some chiropractic treatment which was very important because I was injured. He is extremely dedicated to getting you the best settlement possible. He is very skilled at weeding out members of a jury that could hurt your case as well. If I am ever in an accident in the future he will be the one that I hire to take my case. I will recommend him to all the people I know! - 6/01/2013

Amy DeAnda Avatar
Amy DeAnda

I was referred to Andrew by another satisfied client. I had been involved in a serious car accident that left me with a number of unpaid bills and on-going medical issues. I was reluctant to contact an attorney because it seemed like it was going to be a lot of trouble and stress added to the injuries I already had. I was glad I called Andrew! He was thorough and very knowledgeable. He cares about his clients and was very easy to work with. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the case. - 8/31/2018

Ana Maria Lehner Avatar
Ana Maria Lehner

The Traub law offers fantastic personal injury services. They are extremely experienced and are there for you every step of the way.I would highly recommend them to any family or friend in Texas. - 8/31/2018

Cas Poplawski Avatar
Cas Poplawski

I would highly recommend Andrew Traub and his Law Office for a personal injury case. My wife was in a bad accident with a non insured motorist and was suffering with severe pain and trauma. We thought we had no legal recourse Her chiropractic doctor recommended Andy. He was thoughtful, thorough and skillful in handling our case. We were impressed in how he handled negotiations and mediated a settlement. Consider Andy for your legal needs. - 1/29/2018

Carrie S. Avatar
Carrie S.

5 star ratingI have dealt with some shady personal injury attorneys in years past. Â Andrew came referred to me by a mutual friend. Â A native Spanish-speaking friend of mine was in an accident and couldn't advocate for herself because of the language barrier. She cannot thank me enough for introducing her to Andrew and his team every time I see her. Â He has been there to help her through issues with her injuries, doctors and clinics. Â He is an honest man that isn't just interested in settling a case, he wants to make sure that his clients are able to get their lives back in order after an accident. Â I would definitely recommend Andrew and the Traub Law office to anyone that needs help navigating the world after an accident. - 12/19/2017

Brent Devere Avatar
Brent Devere

I endorse this lawyer. Andrews is smart, dedicated and thorough with his cases. - 5/14/2013

Andrew Dell'Antonio Avatar
Andrew Dell'Antonio

Andrew Traub and his team were both extremely professional in all their interactions with me and remarkably focused on the best possible outcome for my accident lawsuit. They asked all the right questions and then pursued all the medical paperwork on my behalf, and then negotiated very effectively with the guilty party's insurance agency, obtaining what I know was an excellent settlement on my behalf. I recommend them with no reservations whatsoever. They are terrific. - 8/31/2018

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