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How Farm Subsidies Harm Us All

This is off topic, but a friend just sent me this info which shows our government at work: Among farmers eligible for subsidies, just 10 percent of recipients collect 73 percent of the subsidies—an average of $91,000 per farm. (See Chart 3.) By contrast, the average subsidy granted to the bottom 80 percent of recipients…

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Traffic casualties a growing global plague

A vast majority of the world’s countries — 85 percent — lack adequate laws to address the growing problem of traffic deaths and injuries, according to the World Health Organization’s first report on road safety. Traffic injuries are the ninth-leading cause of death worldwide, and public health experts say that without intervention, they will rise…

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Oversight of Dentists Lacks Bite

Becky Murphy’s boss Dr. Russell Boone was found stealing her health insurance number to buy painkillers for a year.  She reported him and was pretty upset that he was put on a probation and continued to practice even after he plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance by fraud.  His attorney is negotiating a settlement with…

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1,200 DWI convictions in Harris County will be set aside

More than 1,200 driving while intoxicated convictions in Harris County are invalid after a contractor was convicted of faking inspections of alcohol breath testing devices, prosecutors said. Deetrice Wallace, a Department of Public Safety contractor, told investigators that she had falsified inspections records for South Houston and Clute police department intoxilyzers. Wallace was prosecuted for…

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Drivers' phone numbers to be cut off trash reports

In a blow to businesses that contact drivers after car wrecks, Texas’ law enforcement and transportation agencies have agreed to drop telephone numbers from crash reports. The Texas Transportation Commission is scheduled to consider the new reporting form at a meeting today in Fort Worth. The inclusion of phone numbers on the reports has prompted…

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Austin city council says officers not blood collectors

Austin City Council members  approved a resolution last week saying it is their “clear will” that police officers not personally collect blood from people suspected of driving while intoxicated. During the meeting, police leaders told the council that they have abandoned plans to train a group of officers to act as phlebotomists. Police Chief Art…

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Pedestrian deaths lead to stunning record Austin traffic fatalities

Pedestrian deaths are higher than fatalities in any other type of crash this year, and Austin is close to matching last year’s record number of traffic deaths. December brings its own set of traffic challenges, including drunken drivers leaving seasonal parties and cold weather dangers, such as icy roads. As Austin residents prepare to hit…

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