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Last Updated on February 8th, 2019

auto insurance

7 Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Auto Accident Case

Revised for 2017! Learn the mistakes that could sidetrack your injury claim through this concise manual outlining what you should and shouldn’t do when filing.

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Insurance Adjusters

Questions You Should Ask Insurance Adjusters

Most insurance adjusters are highly trained adversaries, and very good at what they do. People do not think this is the case. Learn how to get important answers from your insurance company.


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Insurance Companies

Everything Insurance Companies Know

Get inside the insurance companies’ heads with this short guide. You will learn how insurance companies think when it comes to truth and justice. It is essential when handling your own accident claim.

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31 Quick Tips

31 Tips to Handling Your Own Personal Injury Settlement

Sometimes you just don’t need a lawyer. This is why personal injury attorney Andrew Traub wrote this concise report for those who have the time and energy to go it alone against the billion-dollar insurance company and their army of lawyers and adjusters.

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personal injury lawyer

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney

If you hire the wrong lawyer to represent you, you will soon come to regret it. Attorney Andrew Traub helps you learn what to look for in personal injury representation.

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Accident Report

Your Free Vehicle Accident Report Glove Box Companion

Distress over a car accident is immediate. Confusion can settle in quickly, which is why this pamphlet can help you ensure you handle this circumstance with the attention and care it requires. Download this pamphlet and print it so you have guidance when you need it most.

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