Wheel Blowout Accidents

When tire tread becomes defective or old, there can be a sudden tire failure or rupture, causing a lightening quick, extremely dangerous loss of control. This then causes the back end of the truck to swing out or “fishtail”, resulting in the vehicle skidding out and sliding sideways in the direction of travel. When this occurs, the truck can often trip and go airborne, starting a rollover. A blowout can also cause the truck to violently stop moving – leaving a deadly pile-up behind it.

If you have been hurt in wheel blowout accident, you can receive monetary compensation for your suffering. Whether the accident is caused by faulty materials or driver negligence, you have the right to fight back. Don’t waste any time before pursuing rightful reparations for your loss.

If you need a commercial vehicle accident lawyer, please contact us right away. Quick response and investigation is vital in major accidents.

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