Interstate Trucking Accidents

As our nation’s interstates mushroom exponentially to keep up with the vast expansion of the commercial and recreational travel population, trucking accidents have become nearly epidemic. The mix of incredibly fast interstate speeds and monstrous size of these trucks – a big rig truck typically weighs 80,000 lbs and ranges about 67-75 feet long – is a volatile and deadly recipe for disaster.

The presence of these trucks on interstates continues to grow – approximately 7% of all the vehicle miles driven in the nation are done so by big rig drivers today. As the competition for trucking contracts increases (over 200,000 new trucks were registered last year), drivers are under increased pressure to deliver their goods faster, even if it means falsifying log books and breaking the law. Fatigue also becomes a huge issue – in a recent survey, almost 20% of truckers admitted to falling asleep at the wheel at least once in the previous three month period.

If you have survived an interstate trucking accident, you’ve been through enough. The pain of injuries compounded with a mountain of medical bills can be overwhelming, and you should be compensated for your suffering.

Please contact our office right away as it is vital we start gathering information as soon as possible after a commercial vehicle crash.

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