Injury Law in Texas

Too Bad, So Sad Says Texas Supreme Court

Different deadlines for lawsuits over surgical sponges The Texas Supreme Court said Friday that a San Antonio woman could not sue her doctor over a surgical sponge left inside her body because she waited too long to file suit — even though, she could not have discovered the problem any sooner. The court ruled 9-0... Read More »

Free Heart Screening in Austin Tomorrow

Athletes, band members, cheerleaders and other students ages 14 to 18 who take part in strenuous sports can get a free heart screening Saturday at Heart Hospital of Austin, 3801 N. Lamar Blvd. The screening, from 8 a.m. to noon, is sponsored by the hospital and Championship Hearts, a charity created by Austin Heart, the... Read More »

Drivers' phone numbers to be cut off trash reports

In a blow to businesses that contact drivers after car wrecks, Texas’ law enforcement and transportation agencies have agreed to drop telephone numbers from crash reports. The Texas Transportation Commission is scheduled to consider the new reporting form at a meeting today in Fort Worth. The inclusion of phone numbers on the reports has prompted... Read More »

Drug fatalities outstrip auto deaths in 16 states

In 16 states (Texas is not one of them), drugs now kill more people than auto accidents  do, the government said. Experts said the shift reflects two opposite trends: Driving, is becoming safer, and the legal and illegal Use of powerful prescription painkillers is on the rise. Read More »

Who is really in the driver's seat?

About a month ago, I had to take the deposition of a driver that had caused an accident.  I really ticked off his attorney when I asked him the following questions: Q: Are you aware that, after the accident, my client had blood in his urine for a few days? A:    No. Q: Are you aware that,... Read More »

Blood collected under new law

Austin police early Tuesday drew the blood of a drunken driving suspect — without a previously required search warrant who was involved in a crash and had an 11-year-old boy in the car. The incident happened 28 minutes after a new law took effect that gives police wider authority in the types of cases in... Read More »

Utah treats texting by driver same as DWI

In most states, if somebody is texting behind the wheel and causes a crash that injures or kills someone, the penalty can be as light as a fine. Utah is much tougher. After a crash here that killed two scientists, Utah passed the nation’s toughest law to crack down on texting behind the wheel. Offenders... Read More »

Can School Zone Cell Ban Stand?

A new state law that is going into effect on September 1, 2009 is restricting the use of cell phones in school zones. However, the only way to enforce this new law is by installing signs notifying drivers of the new law because the absence of signs is a defense against prosecution. This law is... Read More »

Man Charged in Fatal Wreck

On Monday, August 10, 2009 Luke Anthoney Looshchen caused a three car accident going east bound on Highway 29.  He was driving on the wrong side of the road when he collided with a jeep and a van which was carrying seven people.  Pete Mendez and Paula Martinez were both pronounced dead on the scene,... Read More »

Research on Drivers' Phone Use Withheld

While it is well known that driving while using cell phones can be dangerous, researchers at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wanted to conduct a study in 2003 to assess the risk. However, the agency did not approve of the study because they feared it would anger the Congress.  Not only that, but senior government officials... Read More »