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Damage Caps Don't Work

I just came across an excellent article about damage caps for medical malpractice which explains why they won’t help lower premiums for Texas doctors. It’s sad to say, but the real effect of damage caps is to punish children, the elderly, the unemployed, and single people. Why do I say that?  Because children, retired people,…

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Study: Truckers' disabilities turn deadly on roads

Scary.  Very Scary. Tractor trailer and bus drivers in the United States have suffered seizures, hear attacks or unconscious spells behind the wheel that led to deadly crashes on highways.  Hundreds of thousands of drivers carry commercial licenses even though they also qualify for full federal disability payments, according to a new U.S. safety study….

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Trial lawyers get rare victory with legislature

Handing a rare victory to personal injury trial lawyers, the Senate passed legislation that would make it easier for certain people to recover damages after being exposed to asbestos. The bill, which passed 20-11 on a preliminary vote Thursday, would apply to lawsuits involving mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer usually caused by the inhalation…

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