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We made the top 100 insurance blogs

Though we are focused on accidents and injuries, we often write about insurance and the changes in the law since the whole purpose of insurance is to put an injured person back in the place they were before.  You can check out the infographic below (we’re number... read more

Watch for those yellow jackets in fall

Yellow jacket is the common name in North America for predatory wasps. They can be identified by their distinctive markings and a rapid, side to side flight pattern prior to landing. All females are capable of stinging. Despite the fear in humans, yellow jackets are... read more

Fire Prevention Week October 5-11

Theme for 2014: Smoke alarms save lives! Not all fires are the same. There are two kinds of smoke alarm technologies in common use: ionization and photoelectronic. They detect two different types of fire, say the experts at Ionization Smoke Alarms are... read more

Buying a Car for a Teen Driver

Though they cost a little more find a car with these ‘must haves’ for teen driver safety. The Insurance Institute is well known for its safety ratings of new cars. Recently they have published their first safety ratings for used cars priced at $20,000 or... read more

Devices help parents monitor teens driving

Some auto insurers in Texas are offering moms and dads a way to monitor their teens’ driving habits perhaps giving them some ammunition to take away their kid’ cars or information for a little positive reinforcement, such as more driving privileges.  AAA Texas and... read more

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